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The 3 Heads: Bio/Contact

Bio:The 3 Heads are an acoustic rock/pop group that focuses its collective talent on straightforward songwriting. As you will hear, or have already heard, all of the songs vary in style and range from power-pop songs to mid-tempo grooves to soulful mellow ballads. The one constant that resonates throughout both their CD and live shows is their use of vocal melodies and harmonies that always seem to carry an undeniable hook, regardless of what “style” of song it is. Also, each song’s simple structuring and lyrical rhythm possesses a unique and yet familiar sound for the listener. This quality is what makes the music both easy to initially listen to and addictive as one discovers the many different sounds of The 3 Heads.


For Booking and all other inquiries, please E-mail:
You can also contact The 3 Heads through their Myspace profile:
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